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On This Day in History - 5th April


1649Elihu Yale, Founder of American Yale University
1900Spencer Tracey, American film star
1908Bette Davis, American actress & film star
1916Gregory Peck, American actor/film star
1928Michael Bryant, Actor
1929Nigel Hawthorne, Actor
1946Jane Asher, British actress


1910Kissing was banned on the French railway system
1955The Conservative Prime Minister Winston Churchill resigned
1960The film epic 'Ben Hur', with Charlton Heston, won a total of ten Oscars
1975Howard Hughes, the American multi-millionaire, died
1976Harold Wilson, of the Labour Party, resigned as Prime Minister
1981The Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev went to Czechoslovakia to discuss Polish crisis
1982A British Naval Task Force left for the Falkland Islands, which had been invaded by Argentina
1984BBC 1 went off the air, blacked out by an industrial dispute
1986A terrorist bomb exploded in a Berlin disco
1987Prison officers were held hostage at Magilligan Prison, Northern Ireland