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On This Day in History - 29th April


1879Thomas Beecham, English conductor
1899'Duke' Ellington, US bandleader
1901Emperor Hirohito of Japan
1907Fred Zinneman, US film director
1937Saddam Hussein, Iraqi leader
1949Anita Dobson, Television actress
1957Daniel Day Lewis, Film actor
1957Michelle Pfeiffer, American film actress


1429The seige of Orleans was lifted by Joan of Arc
1884Oxford University allowed women students into examinations for the first time
1913The modern form of the zip fastener was patented
1933Numbered shirts were used for the first time in an FA Cup final
1945The German armed foces in Italy surrended to the allies
1965Plans were announced to send Australian troops to Vietnam
1980Alfred Hitchcock, the famous American director, died
1991Bangladesh was struck by a cyclone, making more than 100,000 people homeless