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On This Day in History - 23rd March


1887Juan Gris, Spanish painter
1920Jimmy Edwards, Actor and comedian
1921Donald Campbell, Land and water speed record breaker
1929Roger Bannister, First athlete to break 'Four Minute' mile barrier
1935Barry Cryer, Scriptwriter and comedian
1966Marti Pellow, Of the Pop group 'Wet Wet Wet'
1990Princess Eugenie, Daughter of Prince Andrew & Duchess of York


1752Canadas first newspaper, the Halifax Gazette, began publication
1861London's first trams starting operating in Bayswater
1891Goal nets were used for the first time in an FA cup final
1919In Milan, Italy, Benito Mussolini founded his Fascist Party
1925The teaching of Darwins theory of evolution was banned in Tennessee schools
1965The American manned Gemini spacecraft made three Earth orbits
1971Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan, proclaimed its independence
1985Ben Hardwicke, Britains youngest liver transplant patient, died aged 3
1991Prime Minister John Major announced plans for his 'Citizens Charter'