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On This Day in History - 28th January


1833General Gordon, British army commander, killed in the Sudan
1841Sir Henry Morton Stanley, Sent to find the missing Dr Livingstone
1921Alfred Marks, English comedian
1929Acker Bilk, Jazz musician/clarinet player
1936Alan Alda, American actor & television star of M*A*S*H
1944Bobby Ball, British stage comedian of 'Cannon & Ball' fame
1948Mikhail Baryshnikov, Soviet ballet dancer
1959Dave Sharp, Of the group 'The Alarm'


1547King Henry VIII of England died
1896The first ever speeding fine in Britain was given
1932Japanese forces occupied Shanghai, and then went on to invade the rest of China
1935Iceland became the first country to legalise abortion
1953Derek Bentley was hanged after being convicted for murdering a policeman
1957Prince Charles spent his first day at school
1984Snooker player Kirk Stevens scored a maximum 147 break
1986The space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after take off, killing all onboard